- What do we do? -

Obsis is a scalable visualisation, notification and reporting platform for your data. We securely gather the data that is important to your business, and help you make sense of it.

Obsis has the ability to take data from multiple streams via an array of different secure technologies. Sensors attached to your machines or devices monitoring your environment or anything else that can be monitored, can be connected via our IoT Cloud Interface. If it can be monitored, Obsis provides you with the means to capture, display and report it, and to visualise it in multiple ways.

Once the data that is important to you has been identified, our web based dashboard - accessible wherever you are, on your computer, tablet or phone - allows you to configure a scheme for data capture and storage. You can then freely configure multiple persistent dashboard layouts utilizing graphs, charts and other informational widgets to visualise your data, historically or in real-time (or both)

Stability is the backbone of Obsis, allowing you to scale across multiple sites, assets, metrics and users.

Feature rich as Standard

• Full User Management Suite
• Secure
• Multiple Data Sources
• Email, Slack and SMS integration
• Report Generation (PDF)
• Data Export (CSV and Excel)
• Off Site Query
• Vendor Independent